“I don’t understand laid-back people sometimes; without any dreams or ambitions, what is life even worth living for?”

My birthday is expected in the next 11 days, where I turn 22. Ever since I was 3, I am studying. It started with Play school to Middle School to High School to a Graduation to now a Post Graduation.

I don’t know if it is my personality influencing my thought process and aspirations, or is the highly-educated background I come from. I have never been a calm person. People who know me, describe me as hyperactive, chatterbox and always buzzing with enthusiasm; and thankfully or not-thankfully this trait has been imbibed with my career aspirations; life aspirations. It has created a need; a power; a need for achievement. My career graph for the next 10 years has already been created in my always buzzing head; wherein I have planned every moment of my life. I am motivated, creative and always head strong about my dreams; to be successful, to be powerful and to be rich. Is it wrong? Or is it delusional in my head?

When I look at people being laid-back, sitting idle, cribbing, not motivated and living life in “WHATEVER” terms, I am taken aback. I look at them with a sense of confusion and surprise. What are they living life for? Are they happy with where they are? If not, why aren’t they changing it? Dissatisfaction would kill me. Definitely. This usually happens when I see people with no ambition or aim in their life, sitting at home, splurging their parents money, aimlessly continuing with life. Is it temporary? I am inclined and curious to know, what is running on their mind?

Independence is very important to me; and if anybody tries to put me down, I bounce back and strike. Closed doors, opporturnites, taking away of freedom – just the thought of these ideas in my mind gives me a sense of claustrophobia.

When I see myself, and I see other people I am sad for them. Their thinking; their mindset and their aimless future; and that makes me realize that how different we all are. How different god has made each of us. This could probably be a work-a-holic in me talking; or is the Independence that I crave for in my life talking; I don’ know.

At  least in a country like India with a population running in billions, I hope to find somebody like-minded like me; and connect with me; to make me feel that I am not alone here..


  1. I feel you girl.. i am on the post-graduation stage and still seeking new things everyday.. catching up with my passions.. this keeps me going.. Otherwise what is life all about if you don’t have anything to die for 🙂


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