6 Popular Types of Heels: The Ultimate Guide For The Confused You.

Shoes; they are magical. All women love them. Well atleast most of them do. But sometimes it can be so superficial. A women spends about 40% of her salary on shopping for a variety of things, like clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, etc etc. But have you realized that how well do we know our shoes really? A video blogger did a vox pop on the Delhi roads quizzing women on a few shoes. The women have seen the shoes before, bought them, worn them but sadly; couldnt name them! So before you are put in a embarrassing situation, here is a guide of the 6 types of heels you must know, and be able to name!

      Kitten Heels- This heel is a typical stiletto, but the size of the heel varies from about 1.5-2 inches. They look cute on every outfit, be it simple jeans or even a designer gown. A few examples include:


Wedge Heels- Wedges can be either in the form of sandals, or heels. You can differentiate them from other shoes as they have no separation from the heel to the sole. The area around the foot is huge that looks perfect on casual outings.


Pumps- Pumps are also known has high heels, and they are usually 2-3 inches long; with low cut and closed around the front. They usually are paired with casual or dressy outfits in a variety of colours; and fluorescent pink and yellow are a must have this season!

Collage (1)

Stilettos- They are the most popular, most beautiful, and craziest type of heeled shoe! They are the highest heel shoes a woman can wear, and can go up to almost 8 inches! It also becomes difficult to carry yourself around them, and requires practice and stability. Wear them on designer outfits, and stand tall!

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Peep toes-  Peep toes are cool, they are popular, and they are adorable. These shoes come in all sizes and colours, with either long or short heels, bows or flowers; the only difference is, that there is space, where your toe finger nail is seen! So be sure to have a bright red nail polish on for that classy look!

2 2.. 2...

High-heeled Boots- We all love these kinds. They look fabulous, adding a touch of class and sophistication to our feet. And re-calling FRIENDS, how can we forget that awesome episode, “The One with Monica’s Boots” ?



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