How to dress keeping in mind your mood? #FashionPsychology

Fashion Psychology:

How a person is dressed, always always plays an important role. Clothes define a person’s personality, character, behavior, attitude and even mood! Yes. Did you know that? Psychological research studies have shown that there is a direct connection between clothing and mood.

A person who is in a sad mood, will wear cozy sweatshirts and a faded pair of jeans; a person conscious and guilty of their weight stuff themselves into over-sized t-shirts and sweats; a person who is over the moon will wear an extra accessory, like a gorgeous dangling pair of earrings or a swanky hat! The individual wears all these clothes very unconsciously, but it is us who directly understand them.

Fashion Psychology is advancing its research to a lot of new areas.

Fun Fact: Did you know that a person who is low/depressed in life chooses jeans over any dress? People who are happier prefer dresses, skirts,maxis or other stylish clothes! (This is not keeping in mind their type or personality, but it a generic study!)

  • If you are feeling low or lost in life, take charge! Change your mood by wearing your favorite dress! A dress that brings back memories of the much happier times, like probably your birthday? Or a party that you attended? Avoid wearing jeans! Choose something stylish! Like a dress, jump suit or probably even a palazzo?! (But please with some color!) Accessorize a bit, add some jewelry, wear fun shoes? Colours have a soothing effect, and changes mood quicker. Its a proven fact!


  • Its a new day! Feeling bright? Chirpy? EXPRESS IT! What better way to express yourself better than colours? Wear a pair of faded jeans, trousers or pants with a bright colourful top! Even better wear a top with quirky texts or designs to be on everyone’s mind. (Psychological Fact: When a person reads a quirky text more than once, in their head they start associating that text or sentence to the person/object they read it from! Brand Management. Creating a psychological impact! :D) Add a scarf or a jacket to enhance the colours.

002983476fbbbd64397297785dce3d51 plaid-shirt-jeans

  • Absolutely NO mood to dress up? Feeling lazy? But need to look good? There is only one solution to this problem! MONOCHROME. Yes. For such situations monochrome works the best. Black/White and Grey are global colours, and specifically do not point out to any particular thing. It gives a generic impression of a person’s personality, and thankfully even mood. Pick a black dress, a white shirt or a grey top. Wear it up with some chunky boots or street shopping sandals, with a large pair of shades creating a mysterious look! Pearls act as a best accessory.

black-and-white-ASOS-outfit Black-and-White-Winter-2013-Outfits-for-Women-by-Stylish-Eve_07

Need anymore help for some other kind of mood? Do put it down in your comments, and I will write a blog post on that! 🙂

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