What does your Jewellery (really) say about your personality?

Fashion accessories are a very important style statement for women. We all are different, and have different choices and styles, that we choose to wear to enhance our looks.

But sometimes, when we are shopping, have we ever introspected on why do we select a particular colour, a particular design, a particular style? Somebody may choose a chunky neck piece, meanwhile another person may choose dainty pearl earrings. Is there a reason behind our choices and our tastes?

Here are below, the different kinds of jewellery, and what each piece could actually indicate.

  • Antique Heirloom Jewellery- Are you someone who loves antique jewellery? Especially the jewels given by someone who you love, or passed on from another generation? Like your grandparents, or parents or in-laws? Or even when you purchase gold or diamonds, the designs are extremely old and antique styled? Then this shows that for you as an individual, meaning of the jewel matters more than anything, like the price or style, fashion. It reflects love, independence and happiness . It shows the bonding levels between members of the family, or a solid relationship between the friends or a partner, and for the individual, its importance. 

5-5   extraordinary-antique-jewelry

  • Classic and Simple Jewellery- Do you like purchasing beautiful designer pieces of jewellery? Like a diamond necklace? Or probably a tiny pearl set or stud earrings? And not really care about the prices, whether it is cheap or expensive? This kind of individual believes in elegance and sophistication. They do not prefer to over-do with tacky, gaudy jewels, but believe in simplicity. This emphasizes on their of etiquette and taste. They feature fineness, manners and elegance in their personality and living. They believe in a simple and classy way of living, and our quiet and sober in their demeanor.

designer jewellery-1    images

  • Chunky pieces of Jewellery- Individuals sometimes prefer chunky large necklaces and rings on their Western or Indian outfits. It emphasizes on a flirty or naughty personality. When a person wears colourful accessories like rings or bracelets, that are bright and shiny, it shows that they are adventurous and fun loving. It reflects on the amount of confidence one has in their own self. They show that they aren’t scared of other people judging them, and enjoy admiration by strangers.


Any other type you are of? 🙂


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