5 Must-Have Handbags Every College-Going Girl Needs!

Its not a hidden topic that I love to shop (well-explained) in all my previous topics! It may seem quite absurd, but my need to be so independent and free, has been derived from the – need – to – shop. Yes that is quite true. Obviously parents are not going to understand your awful every week i – need – to – shop phase! (:D)

Apart from being crazy about shoes and clothes, I have a terrible weakness for handbags. I mean isn’t it like the best accessory a woman can carry? I don’t believe in buying just one bag, and using it for like a lot of months! (Are you serious?) But when you are in college, and not really a receiver of a huge pay-check, one tends to move in that direction.

My this post will actually help you in using the same bag for a variety of outfits. So the trick lies in purchasing a good quality branded 2 to 3 bags, and shuffling them on all your outfits!

Here are the 5 must-have hand bags every college girl needs in her wardrobe!

  • A Multi-Coloured Tote Hand Bag: The good thing about owning this bag is, you can use it with both Indian and Western clothes, of any colour; and  as it is bright it adds colour to a dull outfit. You can buy this bag here.


  • A Designer Black Handbag: People who have been in Fashion, commonly know that black is one of the most common colour globally. It matches with everything; and hence it becomes a must-have in your wardrobe, so you can use it anytime, or anywhere. You can buy it here.


  • A Nude/Brown Colour Handbag: Like black, even colours like nude and brown are common, and go well with most of the Western and Indian clothes. They can be repeated easily with a variety of outfits. You can buy this here.


  • A Stylish Sling Bag: So college is not always about going to college and attending classes. There are definite times when you go out for coffees and parties, and obviously won’t need to carry such huge bags! Instead a classy sling bag does the job. Choose a shade of Red/Blue, or the colour of clothes you wear more often. These days designs and styles are umpteen. You can choose a rectangular, or an opaque shaped sling bag! The left one is a Bagsy Malone Navy Sling bag, and can be purchased here; meanwhile the other is a Mast & Harbor Red Sling Bag. Buy it here.

Bagsy-Malone-Navy-Floral-Printed-Sling-Bag_7295de25d378ca6ab42f49176d36b6dc_images_mini Mast---Harbour-Red-Sling-Bag_249a4853b4911f2c293defe0cfeb9606_images_mini

  • A Funky Back-pack: Its definitely every college going girl’s need. There are so many books to carry, there is lunch and water, and obviously a mini-make up kit of brush/deo/compact/liner (Duh!) that requires a little more space. Invest a nice, chic back-pack that you can carry on the day of heavy books and stuff. Find it here.


Make sure to keep the bags in good condition, and always always keep it classy!

Love ❤

  1. I’m currently deciding on bags for 2nd year of college. Having a complete makeover and am still figuring out my style. Thanks for posting, really helpful!


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