#PowerDressing : The tricks to dressing for the Corporate World.

This is the last semester of my Masters program, and as known, the last semester involves a very rigorous hard-work in completion for the thesis. As a student of Industrial/Business Psychology, I study a lot of things. Last semester I studied Human Resources, meanwhile this semester my concentration has moved to Consumer Behavior and Advertising Psychology.

Research is a very difficult domain, and if chosen an interesting topic,could be simpler, as you yourself are motivated to work hard for it. I wanted to do something in the Corporate sector for sure, and as a Fashion enthusiast I came across the term ‘Power Dressing.’ Now in simple terms, Power Dressing is the art of dressing in a manner where the individual is taken seriously. Mostly adopted by woman in a male-dominated industry. A simple jacket, or an extra accessory, or even a hairstyle can be seen as Power Dressing.

I was interning in the popular Indian departmental store, Shoppers Stop, under the Marketing division, and was extremely excited about my corporate dressing. I even went to shop for it! This was what I had worn on the first day.


I wore a formal black shirt that had puff sleeves, and skin colour ankle length formal pants. I had worn formal black shoes, and kept my accessories to the minimum as possible.

The main idea of Power Dressing involves looking powerful, yet not loosing your touch of femininity within that. Some simple ways that ensures people look up to you, and pay attention to your words and style can be achieved in these simple steps.

  • Adding a Blazer to your normal clothes plays a HUGE role. Just the adding of a jacket, ensures not only a serious corporate look, but also gives a touch of style to the outfit.


  • Wearing a stylish neck piece with your simple stud earrings also helps in looking serious yet chic.


  • Ensuring that WHATEVER you are wearing is neat and ironed, and of course tucked in. Corporate always wear high-waisted skirts, and tucked in shirts and pants, or the look becomes casual and informal. (Which is not good).

bs29323_bs128ls_worn_365-365x355  bs127ll_bs29320_worn_365-365x355

  • A neat high pony-tail or a tight bun, with no hair on the forehead, and neatly clipped fringes promise a definite look of a formal setting, where subordinates can directly interact with you, without any distractions.

ponytail-hairstyle-for-business-women Reese-Witherspoon-her-hair-big-bun

  • Also make-up is important too. Always use water-proof eye liners, so that it stays for long, also the base of the make-up shouldn’t be too smudgy, and always keep a compact and lip gloss in your bag for touch-ups, and your ready to go! 🙂


Power Dressing can be a part of Image Management, and Psychology plays a huge role in understanding the balance of looking strict yet being appreciated and approved by subordinates and the senior managers. Looks always plays an important role in expression.

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