Once Upon a Photoshoot – ‘The DSLR Effect’ July 2012

Dreams do come true?

Ever since I was a child, whenever anybody would ask me my life goals, and ambitions, it always remained to be a big movie star. Glamour, Fame, Money always excited me, ever since I was a kid. It had always been a distant dream to be enter the modelling industry (too bad for my unfit body shape and laziness) , which eventually did not happen. But I always maintained, that I would definitely get myself a nice portfolio done, for my personal satisfaction.

Blessing came in the name of my bestest friend, who is an amazing photographer, and one fine day, on July 3rd 2012 we went to Mahabalipuram, which is this gorgeous location surrounded by beaches and sand, beautiful sunsets; and starting 6 A.M we started the shoot.

Memories come rushing back, of getting up at 3 A.M, taking a quick shower, wearing my lenses (I am perpetually blind without my glasses), putting on my make-up, settling my frizzy hair into place, going on this extraordinarily-amazing bike ride almost 50kms away, watching the sunrise, and finally taking these lovely pictures.

Its been almost 3 years, I have lost some amount of weight (Haha! :D) You tell me 🙂 Sharing some pictures, and refreshing some nostalgia of these good old days, of being Facebook famous for a Day!









How I love the quality of these pictures, such an amazing DSLR effect.

Miss those days! 🙂

Love, M ❤

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