The Tale of the Girl with Eccentric Curly Hair and her Life.

Sometimes I don’t know whether I should consider myself blessed or not, but then I realize I stand out of the crowd, because of my curls.

Especially in a country like India, if a girl is not fair and has ultra-sleek straight hair, she is looked down upon, tormented and irritated. It would be an understatement if I disagree on the fact that I did not have my share of “being-bullied-phase” for weird, thick curly hair, but now at 22, I feel much more liberated, confident and sure about myself.

Having unruly, unmanageable hair is a trait of the curly hair genes, that have always troubled me. So after finishing my school, in 2010 just before joining college, I opted for the permanent straightening. I don’t really know if it was a good decision or bad, but everything is just a PHASE. It took me exactly 3 years to get out of the straight phase, and move to my natural hair. The hair which naturally grew back was a lighter shade of brown, and thankfully a little less curly, and more wavy. (THANK HEAVENS).

Now probably I have much more patience and confidence to deal with my hair than I probably did 5 years ago. Its extremely thick,strong and I barely have any hair fall. So this has led to a lot of experimentation. I had an awesome phase of red and gold highlights, fringe straightening, umpteen number of haircuts and blow drys, and what not! (I AM NOT SHARING THE BILLS.) I have also probably lost count on the amount that I have spent on my hair since 2011.

Currently my red highlights have faded into gold, so I have kinda black and blonde hair. The next colour I am aiming at is, hot pink or a shade of purple! WHAT FUN.

So I would just advise every girl who has curls, to love them, take care of them, as its nothing but what makes you, YOU. Don’t be put down by other people’s comments, the day they are going bald, we’ll see who has the last laugh! 😉

Sharing a few pictures of my absolutely fun-expensive-awesome hair experimentation’s 😀

Image1 IMG_20140426_210558 a

1901333_1600650493488278_4883780499415824415_n 2012-12-12 14.46.39

Love, M ❤

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