Let’s Doodle-Woodle-Boodle the Indian Style-

As I was growing up, apart from Fashion Designing, nothing else used to run in my head. I would eat-sleep-drink NIFT (One of the best fashion institutes in India) websites, building and pictures. The fascination never left me. Too bad I was dreaming away to glory, and eventually ended up in some other college major.

And anyway I pretty much SUCKED as an artist. I drew funnily, stick kind of sketches which would have never gotten me a seat in that college. I was more interested in the part of styling, colours, accessories and writing and web -designing and communication.

I remember a few months back, I was sitting in class during my Masters, and started doodling during boredom. (My teachers following my blog, please do not kill me :P) I was always attracted to Indian prints, and as my mom is from Jaisalmer, I have travelled Rajasthan, and these prints always stuck in my head. I am not sure if I was trying to recreate what I saw, but then the drawings just came naturally.

I have been doodling ever since then, with different patterns designs and colours. I realized I am not a blessed painter, so I stuck to black and white sketching.

This was my first one. It looks a little shabby, as I did not understand the bold vs light sketch scheme and patterns. It took me 2.5 hours for this!


I eventually got better, and this was my final result!


Some of my other drawings include,


I feel this sort of looks like a jar, more of a happiness jar! With all kinds of emotions and feelings and everything. Plus the mixture of blue and black makes a difference. Interpretation is highly welcomed!


I hopefully will continue to do more and more of it! Its actually quite peaceful and relaxing! 🙂

Love ❤

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