Sometimes I Wish, I wasn’t born an Indian.


Yes, I know, how easily the title could end up being misleading, and obviously lead to a steaming hot controversy that people would enjoy with their dose of an evening cup of coffee, and by the night, drowned in their glasses of whisky.

But yes really, sometimes I do think why I wasn’t I born like French, or American or even an alien! Why Indian? People do hide behind masks, and India is one such country filled with a long-list of hypocritical views and biases.

I am a woman, and yes in India, that is a HUGE deal. So being born a woman comes with regular updates of Don’t talk to boys; don’t study after Master’s, you won’t get a guy; come back home before 9 P.M or you will get raped; effectively manage your work and husband and in-laws; don’t drink too much alcohol/don’t talk too much/don’t smoke/don’t party/get married before your 24 blah blah blah.

Will this list ever end? The worries that my mother has for me now, will I too have the same worries when my daughter would want to go out after 10 P.M?

India has been constantly stuck between hypocrisy and the world famous “LOG-KYA-KAHENGE”? This has killed even the smallest chances of freedom being allocated!

These small things have made me realize how much I curse myself for being born in such a orthodox country, especially when I see young girls tied in marriage, and sent off abroad. In-laws demanding children, un-supportive partners and household responsibility that usually never ends, getting a list of permissions to even plan a freaking trip!

As a girl in my 20’s, I also have been growing up with certain dreams and ambitions, and craving to finish them, so when I look back at life, I smile and not regret.

I want to travel alone, I want to take a cab home at 12 AM without being accompanied by a ‘male’ chaperon, I also want to go for a really nice party and come back safe without worries.

Hell I just want to walk on the road without being stared at.

Is it so difficult?

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