Tips To Shop According To Your Zodiac Sign!

I have a Master’s in Psychology, and I have a huge interest in understanding the relation between Fashion & Psychology. Its a new, fun and absolutely interesting field to explore; that how a particular colour, or fabric has an influence on our mind.

We all are in born in different months, putting us in a different planet, and giving us different zodiac signs accordingly. Research has proven that how Zodiac sign actually can help us understand, why we shop what!

Each of us have some favourite pieces according to our zodiac sign.


A Capricorn women is said to be extremely different from the rest of the crowd! She always has a pragmatic and practical approach to life, and even her wardrobe choices include things with a punch, and clothes that define elegance. A nice branded tote bag in nude colours is her choice!


An Aquarian woman is highly unpredicatable, and can never stick to something conventional! Her wardrobe comprises of clothes and accessories that speak volumes behind limits, and is always creative in her dressing. A nice layered neon and black jacket would be her perfect choice!


A Piscean woman is the calmest and most subtle, with a high capability to accept any change. Immensively creative and in possession of imagination that knows no boundary, she is a connoisseur of artistic talents. For her a stunning prisitine white dress is the perfect outfit that depicts her calm nature.


An Arian woman excludes amazing confidence and energy, with positive vibes! She is sassy, and always ready to try the boldest trends. A feisty jacket embellished with a lot of colour is what her personality is suited for.


A Taurian woman is a dreamer, and aims to accomplish all things in life. She is a perfectionist, and her wardrobe comprises of less items, but all defining high levels of luxury. A beige coloured skirt, with a leopard print and classy Louboutins is what is her style!


A Geminine, is a beautiful, easy going woman providing a positive charm to anybody around her. She is unconventional in her life choices, and also her wardrobe choices, and never hesitates to experiment with her looks. A lovely branded yellow/orange tote is her style!


A Leo woman is anything but shy! She is the life of a party, and mostly a social butterfly. She enjoys living her life to the fullest and has a lot of variety in her wardrobe. A nice sexy party dress/or a classy pink gown is her style!


A Virgo woman is a fuss-free practical and logical woman. She tends to make correct decisons most of the times, and rarely regrets any wrong decisions. They have a constant need for perfection. A black silk dress with subtle jewellery is their style statement.


Librans,true diplomats, and often look at both sides of the argument, before reaching and conclusions. They believe in a balance of life, and hence their wardrobe choices are more subtle, art based, like dresses with floral prints.


A Scorpion woman has a personality of being free-spirited, and often hunts for wardrobe essentials that make her look and feel powerful and sexy. Her wardrobe choices see a lot of colours like black, red and navy blue; and a luxurious red tote is her choice.


Lastly, the Saggitarian woman is headstrong, has an amazing charismatic persona, with ability to be humourous and flirtatious. She is always optimistic, and her wardrobe choices are extragavant and expensive. A branded pair of boots are her choice!

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