In memory of red hair and other non-sense.

In life, we all go through some irritation, and sadness which people give us. We say it is not in our hands, but it actually depends on us on how we handle the situation, and make ourselves at ease.

It is not untrue when people say that the cure to sadness is doing things that make us happy, and over-joyed. I had always wanted to colour my hair red, and in the midst of some ‘non-sense’ happening in my life, I got the courage to do that. It has almost been a year to that, and with the red hair, also has disappeared my sadness, my irritation and my fears 😀

Sometimes the cure to such things is a mixture of red and gold hair, a long drive, some greenery, and of course a friend. A Confidant. An angel. 

Amidst nature, we actually forget all the memories that cause us pain, things that upset us, and we tend to loose ourselves in this happiness.

As they say, pictures speak louder than words. Dressed in simple casual wear, flats and a wide-spreading smile. Nandi Hills it is. Karnataka. A beautiful place, with umpteen beautiful pictures!




Love, M ❤

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