#Drooling : 5 Reasons Why Men in Formals are an Absolute Wow.

I am sure that Barney Stinson is the first person who comes to our mind, the minute we say “let’s suit up!” In the entire 10 season’s, he never wore anything but classy, different coloured suits. And also; who can forget the most-gorgeous-looking-man-everrr, Harvey Specter!


My Master’s thesis has been going on, and my research involves a lot of corporate dressing, and business attire’s. The various styles, designs, fabrics; and its ABSOLUTE fun!

Here are 5 reasons Men in formals are WOW.

1) Shows their awesome dressing sense

A man well-dressed in a suit definitely gives us an impression of his amazing dressing sense. Also, shoes check, and a good smell is even better!

giphy (3)


A man who is well-suited up, is capable of looking so darn hot! Especially in a nicely fitting 3 piece suit! Just can’t take your eyes off them!


3) Makes them look Confident & Irresistible

Nothing speaks of power better than a man dressed well. They spread an aura of confidence, with people around them, making them irresistible for sure.

giphy (1)

4) Shows a level of Maturity

Most women would always prefer dating a guy who is a little older, mature and confident in his place! It is quite impressive!

giphy (4)

5) Gather the best of Attention

Just imagine walking into a room accompanied by a man in an amazing black suit and red tie! Talks more about your taste, than his!

giphy (6)


Some of the top most suited up men include,

McDreamy! ❤

Hrithik Roshan! (Nobody can pull off a suit better than him!)

Neil Patrick Harris – the one who actually invented suited up!

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