#FavouriteLook – Shorts + Shirt = BEST OUTFIT

Favourite Outfit?

If I am asked about my idea of a favourite outfit, without flinching I would choose a combination of shorts and shirts! and of course a belt! I am crazy about belts..I have SO many of them! They definitely make the outfit PERFECT for me. Now they can be worn at a casual day, at a party or even at an event like Comic Con! When accessorized well, keeping in mind the occasion and outfit, the overall look can surely be brilliant.

March has been completely horrible for me! (It always has been actually!) I was down with the pox for 2 whole weeks, locked in a room, stranded with books from Flipkart, and seasons of FRIENDS for company; and hence I was away from the blogging world. I decided to end March on a good note!

For this look, I chose the classic colours white and black; as everybody usually have one in their wardrobe; paired them with denims; one shorts is SOOOO old, it was mine when I was 12! LOL 😀 , while the other one I ripped from an old jeans of mine! The blue necklace I got from the flea market Sunday Soul Sante, and was dyiiing to wear them, meanwhile my sister sent me these leopard boots from Canada last year which I never wore. So I kind of formed the look keeping in mind these available accessories!

Comments, Feedback, LOVE all is welcome! 😀









Until next time,

Love, M ❤

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