Beauty Resolutions You HAVE GOT TO Follow In 2015!

We have all been there. Does it sound familiar, when I say I promise this year I will take extra care of my skin; or this year I will workout, burn those calories and get beautiful glowing skin! Or I will wash my hair with really good conditioner and blow dry it to perfection! We all are human beings, and as every new year approaches, new resolutions approach us! Or probably we choose them. But how many times have we actually stuck to it? We try to make ourselves feel happy by splurging one day at a really expensive spa; goodbye lots of moneyyyy! 😦

Its the ending to March, and just 3 months into the new year. So why not promise to make these absolutely necessary beauty resolutions and stick by them?

  • I will not Over-Do on my Make-up : There is this really cool party happening! Time to use ALL the makeup that I purchased within the last 6 months!” Using a lot of makeup on your skin is actually a really bad idea, as unless your really a professional it looks kinda cakey and disturbingly increases excessive pores on your face! And if not removed properly could cause serious skin troubles! Always go in for simple, classy makeup.

  • Its time for Makeup bag DETOX : Everybody has their favourite beauty product that have stood by them through all the thick and thin! Be it your favourite pink nail polish, a jazzy matte red lipstick or a blue kohl that have styled your eyes to perfection always. But like other things,make-up also has serious expiry issues, and hence needs to be cleaned atleast every 8-10 months! And why not give a shot trying some cool new products in the market? You must be missing out so many cool lipstick shades!

  • I will NOT pop that pimple : Zits commonly occur among a lot of women; sometimes it is quite frequent, and sometimes extremely rare. But we all have that one bad habit, common to all. Popping the pimple in times of stress, irritation or anger! And end result? It causes a big red ugly mark on the face, with a little drops of blood and sooner or later an allergy. Using an anti-bacterial skin cream actually helps in letting the pimple go smoothly, without causing an reaction.

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