:White + Wanderlust:

Journey of Travelling:

White though highly preferred by many people, is not one of my favourites. It is probably because it doesn’t suit me really well. So when deciding on an outfit for this shoot, I decided to wear white and mix it up with gold to create something unique.

It has been very long since I did a shoot because of my haywire schedule, and so this time on my travel adventures in Pondicherry, I left no stone unturned. During my visit to Mumbai I had picked up a lot of clothes & jewellery, and this is a mixture of that.

My idea here was basically comfortable beach wear for the girls who have a tummy and can’t wear a crop top (DUH!). So the look was a black halter neck with a white net top and comfortable denims. I wore studs and paired this really pretty chain I picked up from Bandra streets. And ofcourse a pair of Aviators is a must in the hot sun!

I didn’t edit the pictures too much, and some scars are seen. I suffered from chicken pox back in March and I feel it depicts my survivor story! 😀

Location: Alliance Francis Pondicherry

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Love, M ❤

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