Sports Luxe: Gym Fashion Essentials

The market for sportswear is seeing a wide increase with designers and stylists emphasising on comfortable track pants, jogging suit and stylish neon running sneakers. Many Bollywood celebrities are now sporting sports luxe in their events making them extremely popular! Deepika Padukone’s neon sneakers or Sonam Kapoor’s comfy track suit and Sonakshi Sinha’s sporty tees are becoming a craze!

Workout clothes need not be boring; it is important to be well-dressed, in good-fitting clothes that give a structure to the body when working out. It is essential to wear breathable fabrics especially during summers and choose the best colours for your body shape. Some of the top fashion gym essentials include:


Sports Bra

Many women are unaware of the importance of owning a good well-fitted sports bra. During workout, especially stretches, the skin tends to sag if you are not wearing a good sports bra. Sports bras are more like super-flattering bikini tops than anything else, but ensure a good, hard-hitting workout more than anything else. Invest in a branded one that is of good quality, and try it before purchase.


Floral Gym Wear

Fashion need not be boring, invest in cool, quirky prints like florals or aztec sweatshirts, sneakers or tracks. Pair them with graphic tshirts and a high ponytail so that you workout with style.


Swag Cap

Do you follow ‘Superwoman’ on YouTube? The ultimate tomboy girl, with a killing sporty fashion sense that involves polo tees, track suits, watches and caps! She wore Nike caps and other brands with cool statements on them! This cap with the tagline ‘SWAG’ is a sure must-have with increasing levels of style and trend! Shop from Forever 21!


Colourful tracks

It is not a hidden fact that different, vibrant colours make individuals extremely happy and cheerful. Adding colours to your gym wear will take away the dullness and boredom of workouts, and you will instantly feel fresh and excited; also promising a fun gym visit! Invest in different colour track pants and t-shirts.


Tank Tops

Coupled with a sports bra, having good fitted tank tops are also a must! They provide support and structure to your chest and stomach during the run on a treadmill or push-ups. Invest in branded tank tops that you wear under sweatshirts with matching headbands to look stylish, and yet feel super comfortable!


Sport watch

This is the absolutely perfect time to say hello to bulky big dialed boyfriend watches as sporty chic goes totally mainstream. You can choose from a bright neon shade in pink or orange to keep the fashion level super high with a touch of feminity. Or better yet, borrow your better half’s G-Shock to add a quirky element to your look.

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