:Down Memory Lane in a Red Blazer:

This Is My Story:

When I came to Bangalore almost 5 and a half years back I was a very different person; physically and mentally I was quite different. Somehow I feel this city adopted me, and I adopted this city. The relationship you develop with something that provides you with freedom and independence is something unique and different.

When I was new to this city, I was naive, low on self-esteem, under-confident and almost a nobody; And now here I am with a strong identity that took many years to develop. I feel it is the people you meet in your life and the situations that you face, make or break you.

People form umpteen perceptions about me; some strange, some absolutely funny, and some nonsense.

When they look at me now, they assume that my life is oh-so-perfect, I have an amazing job, I am so pretty, I am fashion blogging, I am dating a really nice guy and in short, my life is perfect. They don’t know the turmoils and situations I have faced to reach where I am today.

I too had terrible relationships that broke me, got rejected at jobs, was 10kgs fatter, a well kept secret is that I literally spend thousands on my hair and  I think my will to survive all that, smile through my worries, accept the good and bad has brought me here.

These pictures convey my story of being a guest to this city, to making this now my own. It conveys the joy of being on the beautiful MG road where I have had some amazing memories with people that I love the most and my first vision of this city.

Also, now that I am working I was more inclined to dress in a more demure, formal attire as it was one of my favourite styling options. This Red Blazer is absolutely new and fresh and I loved working with it!









Photo Credits: The Camera Man

So always, do what you love, fight for what you want and create a deaf ear to other people’s opinions and comments as they don’t and can never define how awesome you are! 🙂

Outfit details:

Red Blazer – Canada

White Shirt- StalkBuyLove

Pants / Cuff / Bag- Street Shopping

Shoes- Westside

Love, M

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