:Black Stripes With A Touch Of Marsala:

This time it has been quite a long time since I shared a look book! Going through a couple of my old posts, I thought that my styling and imagery was getting too stereotyped. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to get over the regular backgrounds, the black/white shirts and shorts and jeans.

So after a little hard work, an impromptu shoot, this is what I delivered. The top is a crop top that has a boat neck and is of a gorgeous black and white stripes with perfect 3/4th sleeves. The pants are marsala (maroon) cigarette pants. With every shoot of mine, I end up publicizing online shopping I think! 😀 Both the clothes are shopped online!

The background is something that I really identified with. It had a lot of graffiti, colour, vibrancy and completely defined me! People who know me, know that I am bubbly, talkative and believe in nothing but the importance of colours.

Sharing a few pictures from my shoot that was done by a friend, The Camera Man.






Top : Nineteen

Pants: Roadster

Shoes: Catwalk

Accessories: Street Shopping

What do you think?

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Love, M

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