Fashion Psychology

10 Fascinating Facts About Fashion Psychology

Fashion Psychology is something that always deeply interested me ever since I began my Masters program in Psychology. It is basically the science of understanding what you are wearing, and why are you wearing it. It breaks down individual feelings through your favourite hat, the floral jumpsuit or your sexy black dress. It takes into consideration both your cognitive mindset and your apparel choices to define your personality in a stronger manner.

As a blogger it becomes your responsibility to share any kind of new and amazing information that people are unaware of. Many people ask me really dumb questions, meanwhile some people ask me really intriguing questions.

This article emphasizes on the ideas that I have come across; that are well-researched on both fashion and psychology, keeping in mind both style, design and even cognitive research.

So here are, some of my most favourite, 10 Fascinating Facts About Fashion Psychology:

  1. People who dress in well polished and ironed clothing are more likely to be noticed by their boss and be given promotions compared to people who don’t.
  2. A female job candidate who is dressed in a masculine style is more likely to get appointed than one who is over-feminized.
  3. Vertical lines on clothing create a longer illusion, but curves or bumps interrupting the lines create the opposite effect. That’s why people on the heavier side should stick to checks and vertical stripes/patterns than horizontal.
  4. Men are more likely to approach a women for a date if she is wearing the colour Red.


  5. When a person is wearing just a single colour outfit, their size looks a blur and they tend to look slimmer than how they actually are. (LBD’s are the most popular for this reason.)
  6. Nine out of ten women own at least one or more item of clothing they have never worn / or will ever wear. This is true of only a third of men. They tend to not buy/or trash items that don’t appeal to them.
  7. Most women wear less than half of the clothes they own, this is true of only one in five men.
  8. Men check themselves in a mirror or reflection twice as often as women. (But they hide it as much as possible!)
  9. Dress sense is what men notice first in a woman (before face and body). Women notice smile, shoes and eyes first in a man.
  10. People think they are physically stronger when wearing a Superman t-shirt

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