:Dress with Colour, Dress Boho:

Boho kind of dressing is totally in fashion these days. Who can even resist colourful pants/trousers made with light fabrics and really quirky prints that are paired with equally comfortable tops in monochrome; as the combination does play a really important role.

There are some do’s and dont’s for bohemian fashion style of dressing:

-Play with prints; but if mixing print on print make sure it is different kind of prints.

-Try a variety of colours, that include hot pink, neon yellow or even an aqua blue.

-Choose the right kind of accessories; and of course don’t shy away from wearing funky statement pieces.

I have very rarely been pictured with very feminine kind of clothing, even though its my favourite. So during this time, I chose this particular kind of dressing, matched it with dual colored earrings and my most favourite, blue aviators.

You can begin my seeing me prep, with some soothing music! *Behind the Scenes*

961 7.12 3 5

Picture Credits: The Camera Man

Happy Sunday 😀

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Love, M

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