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The Mayhem of Online Shopping: My Story

I’m sure there are two categories of people; one who detest shopping online, and the other who absolutely love! Online Shopping can be addictive as hell; especially if you can discover the best of websites, and get comfortable with buying clothes you cannot feel or touch. It is for sure a magical land; giving your fingers some exercise, scrolling through the app on your phone, or browsing websites on your laptop. This process is absolutely never-ending.

Unlike other people who have had not very good experiences; I definitely have had some really good ones! I have been buying clothes online since almost 2 years now; and I can now proudly say that I am pro at discovering bargains.


In the last 2 years,through personal experiences, I have learnt so many good and bad things that has not only evolved and improved my sartorial choices, but also  increased my knowledge and understanding of fashion immensely. My personal style has been quite experimental and a complete roller-coaster journey. I too shudder at old pictures when I see myself in purple velvet dresses and baby clips in my hair. I’m glad I moved on to donning shirts and printed tees to classy dresses in unconventional colours like olive green & coral blue to pulling off floral pants, metallic crop tops and bright, colourful palazzos.
Also let me add that the deals could not get better! I am not very brand conscious, since I believe in very rarely repeating clothes, and always try to wear something new everyday. Though I remain quite loyal to my comfortable golden brown flats and a polka dotted black scarf around my neck.
Through this article, I am going to share some of my little SECRETS that will ensure that online shopping can be quite a success; and you can own a bright, happy & colourful wardrobe just like me 🙂
1. Which sites to use?
This is a trick question and debatable depending on personal choices. Hence the first rule of online shopping is to curate the best websites. With personal experience, what I suggest is you try Myntra (which is my personal favourite), Jabong, Amazon (no Flipkart, because their delivery time has seriously started to disappoint me), Shop-nineteen (it’s pretty cool & affordable if you find your perfect size). Through personal experience I can vouch that these websites will guarantee you a safe delivery in terms of payment and exchanges.The collection is pretty vast too.
 2. LOVE their private brands!
Each shopping website/app have their own private labels, and some other brands which does not sell around us in retail. That actually becomes the best way to find really good clothes at decent prices too. Especially if you are like me, and end up shopping regularly.
The trick here is, while browsing, keep shuffling (apply filters) in terms of price, popularity, discount and you will be lucky to find something that will attract you. Another way is to search for trending fashion keywords; some of my favourites include-  the peter pan collar, peplum, floral, polka dots and you will be amazed with the kind of collection each website has. Hassle-free exchange is also one of the good things; so this gives you a chance of trial and error with brands in terms of size. In some brands I wear M, others S, and sometimes even XS; depends. Tokyo Talkies, Mast & Harbor, Dorothy Perkins, Anouk, Ms. Bennett London & Stalkbuylove are some of my personal favourites!
3. Learn to experiment with colours.

Over the last couple of months I discovered that when we start searching for a specific shade of colour, we get so many fabulous options! Like if I’m reading about the latest trends in big fashion events like the Bangalore Fashion Week or at an award ceremony; you learn of colours unknown to you. For example: Marsala (is a more deeper shade of red) or olive green, navy blue, sheer white are currently some of the most popular colours. Always be open to experimenting and fill your wardrobe with some diversity. Most of us prefer to stick to our comfort clothing that includes blacks, white and even greys! Getting out of your comfort zone does give you a variety of choices 🙂

Here are some personal pictures of mine, wearing stuff that I picked up online; including clothes, shoes & accessories.
  1. Grey Dress –
  2. Earrings –
  3. More Issues than Vogue Tee –
  4. Black T-Shirt – & Lipstick –
  5. Black Sweatshirt –
  6. Pink Beaded Shirt – Oxollo from

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