#Bangalore :The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Theme Party:

I am sure out of 1000 people, 999 of them watched the show FRIENDS. That 1 person, well I am totally judging him or her! This show brought about a serious revolution in all our lives (absolutely no exaggeration). It gave us a lease of life, a way of thinking, it brought so much love & laughter within us that we will surely cherish it even after the next 25 years.


The hugely popular one-liners, “How you doin’?” or “I’m Sorry” in air quotes or “I Knowww!” Monica style has seriously been a great influence on my life. I remember back in college, my day would not be complete without watching atleast 4-5 episodes; and no matter how many times I saw it, I never got bored of it. Weird right?

I also read somewhere – a couple of years down the lane when we get the news of somebody from the show passing away, we’ll have tears in our eyes and our kids will wonder why? That’s the impact they left on us; even after the show ended almost a decade ago.

So coming to this event, when I saw this on Facebook, I totally went crazy. A FRIENDS theme party in Bangalore? I really wanted somebody to pinch me. My plan of sporting a ‘Joey doesn’t share food’ t-shirt was a complete flop; so I wore relaxed casuals. A peach top & comfortable shorts.


Shortly, after paying an ‘exorbitant’ amount for entry I entered Indigo Live Music & Bar on a crowded & sweaty Friday night and was totally left spellbound. There was this huge collage the size of a massive wall, filled with memories of the show! Next to it was a poster with cut outs where you have to squeeze in your face (it was so difficult!) plus SO many epic cut-outs of our favourite one-liners; and lastly merchandise being sold. Trust me I was in FRIENDS heaven. I’m sure you will you will reciprocate the same feelings if you love the show as much as I do! The next one hour went in so many pictures; we didn’t care of being pulled and pushed!




Honestly, post that, the party kinda sucked. It was pretty regular, with some music and some scenes playing on the big screen on mute. One thing that was pretty cool was; a sudden flash-mob, where two amazing dancers broke into ‘The routine’. It was pretty amazing!

Other than that some good alcohol, good company & a happy mood equipped with a complete FRIENDS quiz was the end of my night 🙂 The party could have been so muchhh better! I wished.

Did you attend it? Tell me in the comments your experience! Would love to know 🙂

Picture Credit: Indigo Live Facebook 

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                                                                                Love, M❤

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