Makeup Tips: Day to Night Ready in 5 Minutes or Less

People tend to have a lot of perceptions about other people; it’s not wrong when they say first impression is the last. Even though I tend to disagree to this particular statement; it has been scientifically proven. Can’t fight that, can I now?

Whoever meets me or even knows me really really well make a lot of assumptions. It’s not different, let me tell you. She’s a bit too girly, or likes pink, she talks a lot or she shops a lot or my least favourite; she puts a LOT of makeup on her face. Just because I enjoy fashion & trends, do not stereotype me before knowing me. So let me clear a couple of things first.

-I am not a pink fan; my favourite colours are black & blue (YES)

-Yes I do shop a lot; but that includes a LOT of grocery  & utility shopping too (I stay on my own)

-I do not immerse myself in makeup everytime you meet me. I do not even own more than 4-5 make products put together! I SWEAR! (Maybe I am naturally this beautiful :D)
So listening to all this, I have dedicated this post to inform all my readers & well-wishers about the real me. In this post, I share with you that how with just 4 products (Yes you heard it right) you can complete your look and feel absolutely gorgeous!
So; this is the situation. You have a long day ahead at work and lets say it’s Friday; and you may have some fun party plans, and need to adjust with the day look to night. This is how the entire situation can be handled.
A night before do decide what you plan on wearing at night, and then try to match something similar for the day too.
The day outfit: This needs to be nice & bright. When you go to work in the mornings, it’s really good if you look absolutely fresh! You feel good and the day goes smoothly. For the day, I did my usual skin routine.
-Wash my face thoroughly
-Apply  Lakme CC cream evenly
-Dab some powder / compact to even out the cream (I use Yardely Rose)
-For the eyes I used a liquid liner above the eyes (this depends on your choice of brand)
-On the liner I have used a blue eye pencil to add some colour, to match my outfit
-Lastly, a really light coloured candy lipstick ends my look
-For my hair I did not leave it open, I have loosely tied it with a clip
Here I’m wearing a top I picked up from a store on Brigade road, Jeans are from Flipkart Fashion, shoes from Catwalk, Lipstick from Elle18 & liner from Lakme.
The night outfit: You obviously had a long day at work, and barely have 5-10 mins to get dressed. Step one would be to slip in the decided outfit, change the accessories & do the hair. Always keep makeup for the last. Once you ready, follow these steps:
-Dab some wet tissues on your face to clean out any dust
-Dry your face, before applying little CC cream on your face
-This time use the compact, because it also acts as a foundation and hides any marks or blemishes
-Remove the lipstick for something darker like red or plum. This adds attention to your face
-Redo the liner, both black and blue. An addition would be to add a nice glitter eye shadow in gold/silver (keeping your dress in mind)
-Spray some good perfume (I LOVE Davidoff Cool Water)
-You are ready to go 😀
I’m wearing the same jeans, Top is from Suzy Shier Canada, Accessories from Lifestyle, Lipstick from Maybelline Matte collection & shoes from Street Style Store.
I hope this proved to be something informative! Do share comments/opinions!


Pictures by: Abirami Ravishankaar :

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Love, M ❤

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