Dear Men, The Most Popular Colour In Fashion This Season

There are some men who enjoy fashion as much as I do (YES), some are open to the idea of some experimentation and some absolutely disinterested. Men’s fashion & trends could be totally interesting if read right! You do have umpteen choices too (yes, lesser than women but still enough!)  Well-dressed men are HIGHLY attractive, and I’m sure women here will agree. You don’t need to follow each fashion religiously, but at least match your belt & shoes? (yes, belt & shoes always need to be of the same colour in case you were unaware!)

But I’m sure this article would surely interest all men equally! Yes fashion is a personal choice; but it is important to be in trend & of course well-dressed. Which women doesn’t like their man dressed in a crisp shirt and perfectly sized trousers, chic shoes & obviously A+ level grooming? Men’s fashion keeps evolving as equally as women’s; and style & colours play quite an important role here!

Pinterest, the most amazing social/ picture networking portal has officially disclosed the colour of this season! The most popular colour this season in men’s fashion is ‘astronaut blue’, described by Resene as a “galactic blue, faraway and serene,” which has gone up by almost 100% this year.

So men, direct all your shopping items to this colour!

What do you think?

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Love, M ❤


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