#TrendAlert: Minimalist Jewellery

Less is more? Over-used term? Or a term used by those who think style works the best when it’s bare minimum. Yes, chunky gorgeous neck-pieces from H&M are so glam! But so are the delicately designed chokers from Forever21. With the numerous global fashion events, we saw models sporting designer, colourful jewellery with ease; but as trends change, the minimal trend is back with a bang.

These minimalist jewellery can be intricately designed silver or platinum accessories that include, stunning stacked rings; or even beautifully made hair accessories holding strands of hair.

Here is an exquisitely curated best accessories you should own to rock this ‘Minimalist Jewellery Trend’. Looking stylish & fashionable is no longer a difficult task!



Elegant & classy rings; plus a set of stacked rings are a must have in your wardrobe

Buy here.



Studs & Hoops will always remain in fashion; don’t fail to experiment- try silver, diamonds, platinum jewellery

Buy  here.



Tie your hair with a nude colour hair band, and accessorize with this golden clip. Stylish and simple!

Buy here.



  A watch and matching bracelet are the best couple ever invented!

Buy here.



Body Chains are totally classic; wear them on a bare back; or even over a crop top/sarong and see how stylish it can look!

Buy them here



Look your best with a simple black choker piece

Buy here.

My personal favourite is the black choker. What about you? Comment below and tell me! ❤

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Love, M ❤

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