Splash India Fashion: #SS’16 Preview Show

Splash Fashion has been synonyms with high-street, stylish and a trendy clothing brand. Staying and studying in Bangalore, my favourite hangout place all through three years of college was Brigade Rd/Church Street where they had a huge store right on the signal.

As a college student life was quite difficult! Splash seemed like one of those brands that were beyond my reach to afford; let’s be honest. But a couple of days back when I was invited to their new store in VR Bengaluru at Whitefield, my perception of this brand changed completely.

We bloggers were warmly greeted by the Marketing & Design head who took us through their absolutely new SS’16 collection that left all of us spell-bound. They had so much variety, and at really affordable prices that would have really made the college me quite happy! We saw some vintage collection that involved a lot of intricate boho wear; then there was the denim collection, the formals in all pastels & even really cool graphic tees.

We were given the freedom to style ourselves with anything that we wanted and the entire store was left open to us! We got our hands on some really gorgeous accessories, bags & clothes.

This is how I styled my look 🙂 Oh and let’s not forget some delicious food & drinks that we were served that made the evening filled with a lot of fun and laughter 🙂 In the end all of us were given a really cool photo frame to take home as a sovenier!


This day was actually one of the best times I’ve had in a really really long time. If you are in Bangalore or Chennai, do check it out and share some pictures with me! 😀

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Love, M ❤


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