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I usually don’t wear a lot of skirts; I don’t know why, even though I absolutely love them. They add a sense of class to every outfit, plus the options that you get to choose from are innumerable.

My sister got me this skirt from Canada last year and I absolutely loved it! It gives you such a Sex & The City feel instantly. The print has a lot of pictures, bright red lipstick, quotes and what not. It becomes perfect for a Saturday night out, and when styled well, even a sleepy Monday morning. When she got me this last year, let me tell you it took me easily ten minutes to wear it and double the time to get out of it; it was so tight!

Finally when I tried it recently, it fit me like a dream. I went for a more corporate look, and styled it with a subtle white corset top from Guess and my favourite (& very expensive) black pencil heels which I picked up from M&S.

I usually don’t wear much makeup except my on my eyes and lips. So I kept it simple, got a straight blowdry and tried to be very natural 🙂

Here are some pictures 🙂


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Skirt: SuzyShier

Top: Guess

Shoes: M&S India

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Love, M <3



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