5 E-A-S-Y Steps To Pull Off A Coloured Suit

Suited-up..sounds familiar? Yes Barney Stinson has definitely changed our perspective of suiting up. He made it look absolutely fabulous, classy & obviously made women drool over it!

But let’s say Barney wasn’t very experimental? Yes if you see, he stuck to monochromatic colours and the regular navy blue or brown. But the fashion trend now speaks more of loud, pop colours! Men are now more experimental and are open on trying something in yellow, or a red or even a pink! Yes you heard it right.

men in coloured uit

But here are a few things to keep in mind before you really decide to give it a try:

A) Well, firstly a man should know if he can pull a colour off. Not all men can pull off a pink well, or say light turquoise or a purple. So choose wisely.

B) Second, does the colour suit his complexion? If you are on the duskier side, then avoid a bright blue. You should rather go for a pastel blue, that adds a subtlety  and looks classy!

C) “I should want to try a new colour… If I’m forcing myself to wear something I’m not sure of, it won’t suit me. Period.” This is totally on personal choice; don’t blindly follow fashion trends; it will be a disaster!

D) I have researched a lot on colour psychology as a subject; and as everyone knows, each colour has a different energy. The colour you choose should go as per your own personality & even mood. 

E) It is important to see what you are dressing up for. The occasion, the place. For a day party choose something like a subtle peach or blue; but for the night totally experiment with blue, reds & purple.

Personally, this blue is my favourite, and when styled right looks fabulous! Consider styling it this way, with a button down crisp white shirt, brown shoes & some kick-ass poise 🙂 Also, always always remember, the belt & shoes need to match! 😀



Shirt: Arrow

Shoes & Belt: Zara

Suit: Custom Made

Pictures: Suveer Bhambhani

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Love, M❤

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