#Travelog- Summers in Mumbai

Mumbai, as they call it the city of dreams did give me a bit of a nightmare when I landed on a sunny Thursday morning. As I gorged on a delicious Mumbai special ‘vada pav’ I hailed a taxi and was on the way to my hotel.

Being absolutely sleep deprived because of my early morning flight, my friend & I were quite in a cranky state. The heat was killing yes! (Yes we are from Bangalore, we can’t take so much sun) Most of the morning went in finding a place where we could eat some decent lunch! And then the day passed in watching a movie because stepping out in the sun seemed like a task. Post that came Linking road- I don’t know why I seem to have an attachment with that place. Probably cos it is an actual shopping paradise!

The summary includes an amazing touristy experience by going to the Leopold or the Gateway and clicking a picture outside the Taj Mahal hotel, followed by Colaba darshan and then experiencing the night life. I also visited this gorgeous restaurant for some English breakfast – Indigo Deli that had some of the most fantastic interiors and even fancy food!

One thing that I absolutely love about Mumbai is the people- yes we say people in South India are extremely humble & sweet, but Mumbai takes it to another level. Be it the Uber driver who realised that we are not from the city, and took out some time to show us bungalows of Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan & Sachin Tendulkar. Let my excited friend take selfies outside Bandstand controlling his laughter or giving us the experience of the Mount Mary church. Also not to forget a chivalrous passenger in an Uber pool who chatted with us through out Ghatkopar till BKC advising us on what we should do in the city; or the auto driver who told us that how he earns only 30,000 in a month but still is so happy! Sometimes people who have less than you, show you the real joy of life.

I packed an entire set of clothes, and here is a summary of what I wore! Since it was summer, I stuck to dresses, shorts & jumpsuits that are airy & give me the space to breathe.


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Love, M❤


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