:Colour Me Black:

“because SHE chose to see the WORLD in bright BOLD colours”

I personally have this super fascination with colours. Yes, my eternal favourite colour will always remain black, there is no doubt in that! But neon colours or colours more on the brighter side have always attracted me the most. Be it a dash of pink or even yellow; I somehow try to incorporate these colours in most of my shoots (as you would have noticed).

As bloggers people look at how we can take a simple garment and somehow transform that into something really stylish. Like how I picked up this plain black kurta with jeans and added this colourful jacket to go with it. Styling it is definitely your personal choice 🙂

I remember when I was in college, everyone would always wear new clothes everyday, all fancy & stylish; and how I was always in awe of them and forever inspired. Picking up something really ordinary & increasing the style quotient really works! So get rid of your boring jeans & kurtas..add jackets, ethnic earrings, or a colourful skirt instead off denims etc. The ideas are innumerable.



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Love, M❤


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