:How A Denim Jacket Saved My Life:

Denim jackets – just visualising the fabric you can feel how comfortable it would feel on your skin. Delicately stitched, designed to perfection; and if it fits you like a dream, there is nothing more you can ask for!

Remember the days when dungarees both pants and shorts were so much in trend? As kids, atleast for me they seemed pretty fancy when you paired it with a black tee and sneakers and some random accessories like a hat! They are also the perfect airport wear! I’ve seen so many celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Sonam Kapoor sporting denim dresses, funky jackets, accessories & so much more!

I was in London for 3 weeks this summer and I ended up picking a really comfortable & well-fitting denim jacket. I’ve actually always have tried stuff, but would eventually never buy them; reasons like too tight or too expensive or too weird? Been there every time!

In London, my brothers and their friends (sadly) were my shopping companions; and too my surprise, their levels of patience amazed me! So here goes the story of buying my first proper denim jacket. In a store I actually loved this piece, but it was a size 14 or 16 and not 12. But I did see the mannequin wearing one, but nothing could be done since the store was pretty under-staffed and I wasn’t really able to pull it out. To my disappointment there was nothing I could do, and started walking off. Out of the blue my brother comes running with it saying how very discreetly he pulled it off the mannequin amidst staring eyes. And yes, my mood elevated in minutes!

Well then, there was no stopping! I realised that styling denim jackets are not only the easiest, but also give you the perfect street style look! Pair it with a dress or denim jeans and they would look equally fabulous! Also for London’s unpredictable weather it was like a serious life-saver. (You can’t wear leather since they get spoilt in the rains!) I would always carry it to my university in case the weather starts acting crazy. Plus best outfit for awesome pictures! What else do I need?!

Most of my outfits were denim on denim styles. First one was with skinny fit jeans, the other with a skirt & lastly ripped shorts. I thought it would be difficult styling it, but the trick is to pair two different shades rather than the same. And it’s always feasible to wear sneakers with this!


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