Trending: Leggings, Jeggings And Now ..Treggings!!

Fashion is funny you know? One day you randomly get up and hear a word that you would have never heard in your entire life! ‘Treggings’ – got any idea about this?

Well for people who may not be as interested me in fashion, but are curious; here is some help. Leggings started out first, and according to me was actually the best thing ever invented. You obviously cannot wear denims and trousers all the time; lets face it, its not very relaxing..especially when you are at work from like 9am-9pm; this becomes the most viable option!


After this trend came ‘jeggings’ that incorporated jeans + leggings! Personally I have worn a couple of brands, but I wasn’t extremely convinced. So the trick here is, they look like denims but the actual fabric is cotton. If you have a lower back and hips like mine, I would definitely not suggest it! But it suited some people when styled right; like with a long button down shirt or a tunic.


Finally coming to treggings, what do you think treggings is?

Well, its basically trousers + leggings. So for example you can wear a formal checked shirt and treggings that not only look like trousers, but give you the comfort of leggings. It has been trending since the last couple of weeks, but I personally haven’t really tried it, though they seem interesting!

There are umpteen ways you can style it, choose probably something in jet black, or floral prints! I personally would love something in checks?

What do you think?

Do share your comments below!

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Love, M❤

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