A love-hate relationship with Sonam Kapoor

I’m sure there are a lot of people like me who just cannot stand the squeaky voiced Sonam Kapoor. Ever since her launch as an actress I’ve had a very confusing love-hate feeling about her. Yes, she’s a terrible actress; but yes she has a fabulous dressing sense.

Sometimes I feel she should just dress up, look pretty & bask in the glory of being fashionable & an excellent model. She has all the features; slender, sleek haired Indian beauty that can pull off anything with such finesse it’s crazy!

Whatever happens, I cannot deny that as a fashion blogger and someone who genuinely enjoys fashion, I idolise her. She’s just brilliant. I don’t know how can she pull off everything with so much panache & style. It could be a salwar suit mixed with a saree, or a feather infused jacket or even denims & a tee! Sometimes a person’s personality oozes through their dressing and she is definitely a pro there. I avidly follow Sonam Kapoor’s Instagram page here and so should you! Oh & I also follow her on Snapchat..and I think she’s a total badass. Recently she had shared her hair in a mess and brown mud pack on her face..and the transformation post that for an event in Australia, and as a celebrity it was quite brave of her to do that!

Shining in the covers of Vogue, Cosmo, Harpers Bazaar, Elle and phew SO MANY MORE, these are some of the best looks I think she pulled off in the recent time-

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Love, M<3

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