I’m Neon; and I Love it

I have come to realise that image editing and learning new design tools are something that I am really passionate about. I remember my tryst with learning this began when I was in class 9, on this website where people used something called ‘siggies’ which was image signatures. I downloaded this Corel Draw software and started self-learning that tool from scratch.

Fast forward to almost 10 years and that curiosity is still strongly in me. Yes I did want to pursue a course in Fashion Communication, but life doesn’t go as per plans..so here I am with a Psychology & Marketing degree in hand learning the real ‘editing’ tools like Photoshop.

Isn’t it strange that how with just a tools, the enhancement on an image can be so striking? I remember the first tutorial I learnt was changing a colour of an outfit; and trust me it looked so natural..and if you are following me on Facebook, you would have definitely seen slight doses of it on the pictures I upload.

Over the years there is so much I have learnt..and as a habit I can start editing now with the back of my hand; and that way I think blogging is good for me..where probably you can see me being a Photoshop ‘beginner’ to maybe reach an ‘intermediate’ level.

This was just a complete random shoot that I had done..quite spontaneous & unplanned a couple of hours before work. I’ve tried my best to make the images look pretty..but yeah am sure the next couple of posts would be even more better than this!

Neon is something that I am personally a really big fan of! I’ve always been curious to see how a ‘neon’ on ‘neon’ would look..you know moving away from the mix of subtle+neon! So trying something new was quite exciting! 😀

This is dedicated to..my love for Photoshop & a lot of other things 🙂






Outfit details:

Top- Vero Moda

Skirt – Dressberry from Myntra

Shoes – Mast & Harbor

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Love, M<3

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