The ONE accessory Cara Delevingne is obsessed with

Celebrities are usually the ones who create some of the latest trends and create a stir in the fashion it a Bollywood starlet, or one of the hottest supermodels today.

It is none other than the 90’s trend coming back of the choker necklace! Absolutely sexy, a bit gothic but extremely stylish is how I would personally describe it. I myself do own about 2-3 of them, and when it comes to styling, it goes with everything. It is one of the basic accessory that every girl should own in her accessory wardrobe.

Usually it looks good when it’s all black; but experimentation with colours can be really fun too. My personal style advice would be, the minimum the better. If you are wearing a choker, avoid anything else. (Keep your lipstick & liner on point though!) It not only looks good with a casual tee & shirt, but also with a gorgeous evening dress. It’s the spotlight of the dress if I may add.


Deepika Padukone: I don’t know how this gorgeous woman can pull of everything so effortlessly! Blig with smoky eyes plus a minimalist choker is sexy, chic & totally on trend.


Cara Delevingne: A gold plated choker over monochrome outfits, sleek hair and smoky eyes are my absolute favourite!


Priyanka Chopra: One of my favourite outfits! Off shoulder satin top with a striped skirt and a satin choker. Classy and very very stylish.


Kylie Jenner: The classic black satin choker and a pendant! Winged liner with nude lips are a definite style statement.

Who is your favourite?

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Love, M<3

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