The London Trip – Part 2

Here is the Part -2 of my trip! I know I’m late but life has been pretty hectic lately!

The last few days in London got pretty chilly! I remember that I used to attend my university wearing tiny shorts and then it moved to denims + jackets + hoodies!

Very unpredictable weather with rains made it worse. The last few days I moved away from London city, and went to Stonehenge & Durdle Door. While Stonehenge was one of the classic tourist spots in the United Kingdom, filled with an extremely interesting history ( Durdle Door was this absolutely stunning pebble beach.

I wished I had dressed more appropriately..because it got really cold..especially when I went in the sea. Post that was being completely touristy..sitting in the hop on-hop off bus..touring the city with my the London Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and the cruise that took us around the entire city!

Though by the end of the trip I got pretty homesick, now that I am back  ..and it’s been a couple of months..I missed those days and I really wish I could relive those days again. They were just magical..

From this trip..there were umpteen life lessons I learnt..travelling all alone to a foreign country..long flights..the hassle for vegetarian food..making friends..meeting people from other cultures..different managing..phew!

Hopefully the next country soon 🙂

Pictures below!


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