The Cold-Shoulder Blue Dress Ft Stylebank

The Cold-Shoulder Blue Dress 

Not exactly blue, but aquamarine is the color that describes this stunning dress. Blue, since many years has remained a favourite, and when mix it with some elegant lace and accessories it could really become something magical.

Fashion to me is colours..the way it plays with your skin tone, the light it adds to your complexion and just the way the final look turns out to be. Like they say, renting is the new buying; is what I personally wanted to experience. I rented this stunning aquamarine blue cold shoulder dress from Stylebank which compiles some fashionable pieces together and can be easily rented!

This dress was just beautiful. The sleeves are off shoulder with a lace around it. The outfit was fitting on the chest and freely flows in ruffles from the stomach onwards.


I knew that this outfit has the capability to stand on it’s own and hence I need not need to do anything excess to make it look spectacular. Like fashionista’s always say,  less is more.

Keeping it simple, I wore stud earrings, a necklace and golden flats. I tried to experiment with my hair a bit, and kept my makeup as simple as always. I’m loving how the pictures have brought out the slight blue eye-pencil. It matches perfectly with the tangerine lipstick I experimented with.

Sharing some pictures of the outfit. Hope you like them!


The location was my photographer’s office space, and I love how cool offices are these days! They definitely make great backdrops when shooting. Standing beside the huge glass window, I loved how this blue cold shoulder dress literally shines.

Love, Mansi x

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