New Year, New You: How to be more trendy in 2017

Every New Year begins with a lot of resolutions – I’m going to be fitter this year, I’m going to find my dream job this year or maybe I’ll shop less this year? Well as a woman I am sure we all wish for that atleast thrice a year!

I have always believed that change is good. Be it getting a new hair colour or maybe trying a new dish in your daily dinner menu? This 2017, why don’t you to try and give yourself an amazing makeover; turn heads and in return be blessed with never-ending confidence and a zest to make most of this new year?

Well, it’s not that difficult at all. Read below how can that be possible. You can thank me later! 🙂

Makeover 101 – Hair:


I’m sure a lot of people are very nervous about any kind of experimentation when it comes to their hair style. Either you have really short hair and you never let it grow, or you have really long hair and never cut it! Well, 2017 January is a good time to start with experimentation. I did come across someone who have colored their hair a gorgeous rose gold; and yes a stunning blue. You may not always hit the right spot, but it’s worth the effort! If colouring freaks you out, try getting bangs or a perm or just maybe a little shorter hair.

Change of Wardrobe:

Woman Surveying Her Messy Closet

I’m the kind of person who shops a lot and sometimes they don’t fit but I still keep it in the hope of it fitting me in 2020. But yes that’s not how it works. Keeping your wardrobe clean and updated is very important. Yes you don’t fit in that grey formal skirt you bought 2 years back, or the white tee is SO faded or those shoes are absolutely hideous! Just clean it, it’s very important. It would give you an idea what all you even require.

My resolution for this year is to stop mindless shopping just because the picture was so shiny..I do not want to get fooled. Instead stock up on items that you can repeat a couple of items. Be it well-fitted black pants, a white shirt, black cardigan, lots of scarves and statement accessories. Follow a celeb and see how they style basic essentials & you are good to go. I learnt a very good lesson this year; choose comfort over style. Yes Taylor Swift or Priyanka Chopra looked super hot in black tights & matching boots; but NO you cannot pull that off. You don’t have paparazzi surrounding you. That outfit is a definite no-no for regular days. Stick to comfy sneakers, casual flats & chapals! Also, ensure you keep a track of sales happening in your city and you get branded things for almost 50% off. Use your money well there. It would surely be worth it.

Your skin needs care:


I do not use any makeup at all and still faced a lot of skin problems. I was allergic to a perfume and it made my skin miserable. I realized the problem was the poor care I was giving to it. So once I realized my mistake; I started working out 2x (apparently sweat makes your skin healthier) and drank lots of water. And trust me; in just two weeks I could see a difference.

I have three basic beauty essentials – a CC cream, liner and lipstick. But this year I decided to experiment with various brands & colours. Lakme CC cream is my go-to, but I also tried a Olay basic cold cream and it was decent. For my eyes I tried NYX, Colorbar & Lakme which worked; while L’oreal was a super flop! Also in London at a popular drugstore I got some lip products on I tried a bright orange and pink compared to the three shades of red I use. So try a couple of things..see what works on your skintone the best and feel the difference.

I’m super excited as I’m going to be shifting jobs..maybe a new area and I can’t wait to try all the above with myself. I feel every near brings you new chances and changes and it must be welcomed. So make 2017 all about experimentation!


Mansi x


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