9 Last-Minute Tech-Savy Valentine’s Day Gift ideas

Valentine’s Day is around the corner; just a day away! It is of course the day of love, celebration and fun & maybe pretentious for some people. Well to each their own right?

Honestly, it is the day of fancy expensive dinners, couples being oh-so-cheesy, eating chocolates and doing photo shoots together (say what!) Yes, I like Valentine’s Day too (only when I am seeing someone) other times I myself tend to find it too pretentious. Nevertheless, it is the day you cherish the people you love, be it your partner, your friends or even family. I’m sure chocolates and roses definitely speak romance, but in my opinion they are too traditionalist. Imagine a man who’s favorite show is Game of Thrones receiving a bouquet of red roses or Ferraro Rocher chocolates on V-day? In my opinion it would be a sure fail. Instead, why don’t we celebrate the day and give them something they actually like?

Well as a women, finding gifts for men are so hard. What do you even give them? So to solve this complicated question, I decided to do a bit of research myself; and here they are; 15 totally cool gifting ideas!


  1. For the person who eats, sleeps FRIENDS or binge watches Big Bang Theory: What a better gift than giving someone a Tshirt with a quote from Chandler Bing or a momento from Game of Thrones? It could be as simple as a mobile cover or a set of coasters. They would appreciate this so much more than a box of chocolates! Find them here.1friends-tvshow-merch
  2. For the person who loves music & movies: Imagine their tears of happiness when you gift your partner a yearly Netflix subscription or a monthly Apple Music or Spotify subscription? It’s a small gesture with a lot of meaning. 2-netflixsubscription
  3. For someone who is forever trendy: Regular watches are pretty boring. If your partner likes to be trendy, then give them something more than a black or white watch! Check this.3-trendymens-watches
  4. For your editing and Instagram addicted partner: I’m sure 8/10 people love taking pictures of their food, their surroundings and everything fancy. The best gift that you can give them would be a mini photo printer! Print pictures in a jiffy. Like this one. 4-portable-photo-printer
  5. For the music addicts: If your partner enjoys music 24×7 then what better than a portable speaker? They can take it to bed, while travelling or even in the car.5-portable-bluetooth-speakers
  6. For you organizer partner: Always find him/her making a checklist while globetrotting? No better gift than a travel organizer. It includes a pen, notebook, space for passport, cards etc.6-travel-organiser
  7. For the forever in the gym partner: Being fit is the new trend! If your partner visits the gym more than anything else, there is nothing better than a Fitbit! It tracks your steps on a daily basis and gives you a detailed description of your weight loss and fitness regime.7-fitbit
  8. For the photographer: How amazing would it be if you visited places and could immeditaely campture pictures and print them? Best gift ever! A Polaroid mini camera8-instamaxfujifilm-red9. For the writer; a digital notebook: Wacom Bamboo Notepad is one of the shining tech inventions. With this product you can write on a paper that becomes digital in seconds! Portable with your Android & iOS App. Buy here.waco-digital-notebookWishing all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

Love, M

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