Rose Gold is the new Pink

I’m sure there are a lot of people who are absolutely crazy about the original gold and silver; but as fashion is evolving, so is everyone’s style and preferences. Rose Gold became a sensation of course because of Apple introducing their IPhone in that colour end of 2015 and it became an immensely popular trend in the 2016. Are you wondering if Rose Gold is still popular in 2017? Well, I think so! Exuding femininity and grace, this colour is still very popular when it comes to purchasing clothing, accessories, beauty products or even gadgets!

When compared to pink, rose gold is simpler & definitely more eccentric. With its subtlety and class it has become a favourite amongst everybody! The rose gold trend started in the fashion domain with watches and jewelry as a fresh alternative to traditional yellow gold and silver, but now this hue has taken over almost every style category; from housewares to clothing. Even rose gold hair is giving other colours some major competition! It looks extremely classy and is a complete breath of fresh air.

I recently read somewhere that Adidas as introduced beautiful rose gold sneakers to their collection (which I’m sure will cost a bomb) but stunning nevertheless. Not only that I’m seeing suitcases in rose gold, headphones, shades, MAC books and what not!

So this year, give your wardrobe colours a fresh approach by including some absolutely stylish products. Incorporate them in a blush pink jacket, a floral skirt, a watch or even in your hair!

Here are some of my favourite looks for #fashioninspiration

Which is your favourite?


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