Curly Hair Problems? 7 Tips That (Actually) Help!

How to maintain curly hair:
I remember when I was around 15, in school, living in the absolute humid city of Chennai, India and was forever cribbing about being inherited with my grandmothers ultra curly and thick hair. Girls, if you feel the same way, let me tell you that it is a boon – you have the capability of experimenting  without having to worry about losing all your hair! (Yes, I do know women in their late 20’s who are) 
During my education phase (High School & University), I was quite unaware.  I remember trying multiple things to fix the frizz, but alas nothing really worked! From the keratin straightening going wrong to a variety of shampoos and conditioners to splurging on hair spas; I have tried it all. The situation worsened when I started working; I had money and was super busy, and hence survived on blow drying every weekend.
I think it hit me almost 2 months back that this has to stop. I did my own research and now I am here to help you & guide you if you are stuck in the same situation as me.  
1. Oil before washing is important:
I remember throughout my childhood it was my mother who took care of my hair. She would ensure that there was enough oil (which I hated) that actually helped nourish my hair. If you have naturally dry hair, it is important to put oil for at least 3-4 hours before washing it, following this at least once a week. I suggest leaving the oil over-night is the best remedy. I use coconut oil or olive oil for my hair; but these days there are so many different options available! You can try macadamia oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera oil, argan oil, avocado oil and sometimes a mix of it. If you prefer only certain ingredients for your hair, you can blend a couple of options to get the final result. You can read more about it here
2. Use a shampoo that suits your hair type:
I’m sure that there are a lot of women who still are unable to identify their hair type. It could be normal, dry, oily or a mix of both. After you identify your type, it is essential to check the ingredients of the products you use to keep it nourished. I have a mix of dry + damaged hair, and my hair products are specially made for the same. My favourite products are L’oreal Colour Radiance Shampoo, Moroccan Oil Shampoo or the Tresemme Hair Spa Rejuvenation Shampoo. I’ve always experimented with different products to choose which one I actually like the best. L’oreal & Schwarzkopf are my favourite brands. 
Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner
3. Always finish with a good conditioner:
I remember going for a haircut recently and they spoke to me about the importance of finishing your hair wash with a good conditioner. I’m sure like me, most of us quickly leave it on for 2 minutes and rush out of the shower. P.S: Do not do that! Let it stay at least for a minimum of 10 minutes.This helps in making it smoother, and also nourished from all the pollution and dirt. I use Schwarzkopf; but you can also use Sunsilk, Toni & Guy or Bblunt.
4. Hair masks & conditioners is NOT the same thing:
The next time you are shopping at your drugstore trying to finalise on a product for your hair type, do not get confused between hair masks & conditioners. Hair masks are mostly the salon products that you are supposed to use just once a week. This is like deep-conditioning for your hair. But on the other hand, conditioners are essential products to be used during every hair wash. Consult with a person working at a salon to figure out the best product for you.
hair masks for curly hair
5. A good brush is very important
I remember growing up with these huge brushes that was the only comfort for me to have tangle free smooth hair. Can you imagine in 24 years of my life, I’ve hardly ever used the comb? Its just #CurlyHairProblems I guess! I buy most of my hair brushes from the brand Vega as it is of fantastic quality and will last you many years! 
6. Home-made products are better than splurging
Please don’t fall in the trap of believing your stylist and purchasing extremely expensive products; most of them anyways do not work. Curly, frizzy hair is very different from straight hair and depends from person-to-person. I have purchased so many international products and the outcome was always just for a few days & never long term. Instead, find products from home, that are inexpensive. You can try egg whites, beer (instead of the packaged beer shampoo), mayonnaise, yoghurt & sometimes a blend of a few more products.
7. The importance of hair care:
 Lastly, understand why you need to maintain your hair. Healthy hair & skin is essential to us. Be fit, work out, sweat; yes it all helps! Also looking good is directly proportional to how our mood goes everyday; and everyone knows hair is the most important for it all.
Img_4236 (1)
Washed & Set Hair
Natural Hair
Happy hair care to you 🙂
Love, Mansi x

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