Teal Door Cafe, A Review

People who know me personally, know my absolute obsession with food. I eat, live & breathe delicious food. It’s literally the first thing I think about when I get up; or when I am low or when I’m happy! I love visiting new restaurants, taking tons of pictures for Instagram & Snapchat; especially of the decor and obviously the food. So I decided to start a #CheatDayFriday (though I cheat on my diet almost everyday! :P) where I talk about my favourite restaurants every Friday. So here goes the first one 🙂 Suggestions welcome!

Teal Door Cafe, A Review

My workplace was almost five minutes away from here, but I never actually got a chance to visit this place. It was on my go-to-list, but finally after a friend visited, I spontaneously decided to go in here on a Friday night. Anyways I stepped, in. The logo is quite beautifully designed in the colour ‘teal’ and the entire decor is wooden furnished. (I love hookah, which they do serve here, but it wasn’t available that day due to some particular reasons!)


The restaurant is three floored with authentic steep wooden stairs, where walking carefully is quite essential. The decor is lovely with matching wood seating and lights arranged charmingly. I was seated on the third floor, with just a group of people, and the place was surprising quiet and peaceful for a Friday night. If you enjoy places like that, Teal Door Cafe is a must-visit.



A young lady came to speak with us giving us an insight about how she started this restaurant. I was pretty amazed actually. She told us the story of how she bought women from rural areas from an alcoholic background to come to the city, taught them to speak english and trained them to be a part of the cafe. The interiors also had a lot of hand-made wooden things that were made by these women and were on sale; so that the money would actually help them.

Post that we glanced at the menu. I’m a vegetarian and every restaurant has very restricted options. Their menu was curated well (with limited options), but the cuisines were ethnically diverse. There was dosas, north-indian food, maggi options, starters, desserts & very cool-sounding drinks.

I started my meal with the ‘Cleanser‘ which was a drink made with a watermelon, pomegranate, rose & mint flavour and the ‘Strawberry Guava Soda’ which was a fizzy drink topped with Sprite. I did not enjoy the drinks very much, and thought that they were below average. For starters I had the Fries which came with four (very delicious) dips, mayo, a green pesto, a honey-mustard & lastly something that tasted like pickle. I thoroughly enjoyed the flavours; it was the right  amount of salt & spicy. But the portion size was a bit too much to finish and can be reduced.

For the main course I was pretty confused, so decided to experiment with the mini dosa platter & the non-veg makhanwala which had very ethnic north-indian style dal, chicken, rice & parathas. I was not disappointed at all! Everything that came was beyond delicious. The dosas were perfectly made accompanied by sambar and chutney (which were a little too spicy for me). The north-indian platter had zero errors. It was a flawless dish; and anybody craving authentic home-cooked meal should definitely try this.


The meal was so filling that I decided to skip dessert altogether! But I am surely planning on going again to try their ‘Nutella Banana Crepes’ and ‘Choco-gappa’.

Over-all the staff was super courteous, the food was very prompt; especially for a person like me who have zero patience to wait for their food! Teal Door Cafe promises you a perfect meal, peaceful ambience, comfortable seating & hence makes it a must visit for all Bangaloreans!

P.S: They have included a couple of more dishes now, which were not there when I visited them. So yes, another visit for sure is pending.


618, 2nd Main Road, Binnamangala, Hoysala Nagar, Indiranagar, Bangalore


Ambience: 4./5

Food: 3.5/5

Service: 5/5

Love, Mansi x

Picture credits: Zomato & Myself.

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