Why I Prefer Men’s Cologne To Women’s | My Favorite Perfume Is..

Growing up, perfumes were considered a luxury that I could not own for a long time. My curiosity for it was always evident, especially when I stepped into massive stores at the malls, with their perfect, immaculate interiors and gorgeously dressed sales staff with a knowledge to die for. I don’t believe I grew up with understanding perfumes, but maybe developed it over a period of time.

Let me tell you about the secret of me starting to use men’s perfume; (may sound a little crazy) I was dating this guy for a long time and he used this *particular* perfume all day, everyday; and I think I got habituated by the clean, and chic smell that it brought about. We aren’t together anymore, but that perfume has now become my patent smell.  Whenever I spray it on, I instantly feel chic and clean. Hence, began my love affair with men’s and unisex cologne. During this time, and till now I still experiment with a lot of men’s fragrances and even deos. My personal favourite deodorant is Revlon, Charlie’s Black Deo. Trust me, the smell is the BOMB. Buy it here.

That perfume is globally popular and it’s called, David Off Cool Waters. 


Here are a few reasons why I think every woman should consider experimenting with masculine fragrances:

-NO Floral smells: I don’t understand these products; if you are a women floral fragrances are all you get. I have personally experimented with a lot of brands, but nothing keeps you hooked on to for a long time. Also, they are so heavily scented that it can instantly give you a headache if used multiple times. This also makes you uncomfortable throughout the day.

-Feel Clean & Polished: I sometimes assume if it’s just me, or even other’s feel this way; but men’s cologne gives me an instant freshness boost, makes me feel clean and always charged up and ready to go. It’s like a “just out of shower” smell that is attractive. Some of my favorites include: Hugo Boss Red EDT Spray for MenRalph Lauren Polo Blue Sport Eau De Toilette, Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua, and of course, my personal favourite Davidoff Cool Waters.


Everlasting: This isn’t scientifically proven,  but I swear men’s cologne just stays longer. The fragrance just sticks on to my clothes and my skin. The whole day might pass, but still, at the end of the day, I can still smell that delicious perfume on me.

-You can share them with your boyfriend/brother/dad: I’m sure most men invest in a lot of money in their colognes; rather than any other product like us women; and also usually have a much evolved taste. You can share perfumes with them, learn more and amidst this, find your own distinct smell.

Perfect for any season, time or place:  Lastly, for the most part, the men’s fragrances I wear all smell so fresh and clean that there’s no need in investing in a different summer or winter fragrance. You can wear it to office, even for dinner or a party and you will not feel like you are out of place.


Which is your favourite fragrance? Tell me in your comments!

Love, M ❤


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