A luxury spa experience Ft. The Leela Palace

Vintage, a stunning archaeological property and hospitality that will leave you asking for more; all these are the perfect words to be used when describing The Leela Palace Hotel. This brand name is synonymous all over India for it’s gorgeous intricate interiors and style that keeps it distinct from other luxury hotels in Bangalore, or for that matter even India.

I’ve been to a lot of spas; I tend to stay away from any Western spas since I’m allergic, hence Ayurveda was my calling. Residing in Bangalore, I have experienced numerous spas – be it for shinier hair, rejuvenating body treatments and even for professional skin treatments. Personally for me, it is the surreal experience when you finish that 60 minutes; your skin has a magical glow and your mood is almost a hundred times better (especially when you pass a tall mirror and have a look at yourself!)

Recently, I got a chance to experience the luxury spa at The Leela Palace Bangalore; and how fortunate I feel till now. Describing those two hours in detail can take me hours. It can be counted as one of the best spas in Indiranagar, Bangalore.


I took an appointment for 4.30 PM, but took me almost 5PM to find the Leela Palace Spa within the hotel premises. I decided to experiment a bit, and opted for an unconventional spa experience, a Kerala special, Podikkizhy with a herbal pouch. The treatment was completely new, and I think completely fits the bill for being modern contemporary, which definitely attracts the stressed generation of today. I was taken to a brightly room and further a smaller spa room that had peaceful lighting & music. Post which the treatment started.


It was very different compared to the regular Ayurvedic spas; it had the therapist using the heated herbal pouch and placing it on my skin gently that helped ease my joint pains and immediately relaxed me. She first did it on my right side, and then the left. This was followed by a separate hair spa and a shoulder & back massage.

Then I took a shower to cleanse myself of all the oils and headed to the beautiful jacuzzi.


The spa also included a steam & sauna, but since I suffer from minor claustrophobia, I decided to not use it. Then I moved to the relaxing chair while I sipped on some herbal lemon tea.


I changed, and the therapist was courteous and helped me with a bit of history about the spa, her experience and we finished by taking a couple of pictures.

Coming back I felt my hair, (which is genetically always rough) untangled and much smoother when I had gone there.


Even my skin was softer and I felt relaxed and had the most incredible dreamless sleep that night. I’m not saying that this is the best spa in Bangalore, but the breath-taking experience  they provide, I would give it a 4/5.

Do experience it yourself; it’s located on Old Airport Road, Bangalore.

Love, M.




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