Cafe Terra; the 90’s Favourite

I consider myself a breakfast connoisseur; I know I am an eggitarian but I do enjoy good food. Breakfast dates are my absolute favourite. One fine Saturday morning I decided to head over to Cafe Terra after a strenuous workout for some delicious breakfast. The Zomato reviews looked quite interesting and am always exploring new places to go on the weekends.


The huge brown building is located in a prime locality; double road Indiranagar, a quaint cafe with two-floor seating, with interiors that are colourful, exciting, echoing the 90’s cool culture of comics. I was left spell-bound by the energy that the place about it. Saturday, 10.30 AM it was buzzing with people and I was quite excited to try out their food.



I was starving, so I started with ordering some masala chai (my staple drink) and mocha coffee. We took a bit of time to get to our breakfast, but I was very happy to see an equally divided vegetarian & non-vegetarian options. I had researched on Zomato, and ordered the most popular dishes.

We ordered the Ham Basket that was presented beautifully, and also my all-time favourite mushroom and cheese omelette. The ham basket had some ham, minced chicken, spinach topped with cheese and a slice of boil egg. It was accompanied with some mashed potatoes, a grilled tomato and one piece of hash brown (which was SO yummy, I literally inhaled all of it) My omelette came with only mashed potatoes and multi-grain toast. The ham basket was apparently good, but I wished the omelette had a moderate amount of cheese compared to what they served. The mashed potatoes were a bit too creamy and was just about average too. The tea was excellent; perfect just the way I like it.

cafe terra indiranagar

cafe terra indiranagar


Post this we were quite full, but I still wanted to experiment more on the menu. So we ordered the banana & nutella crepes which were below average. I did not like the way it was presented to me, and tasted something very regular, with very less potion also, definitely not worth the price we paid for it!


The menu they had was very lavish but I was too full to eat anything more. I would surely come back to try more items on the menu. Over-all the ambience was fabulous, the service was prompt and the waiters were extremely accommodating in making changes the way we liked. Lovely seating area did for sure win my heart and would visit again! Walk in on Saturday & Sunday for some delicious breakfast!


846, Double Road, 1st stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore


Ambience: 4.5/5

Food: 3.5/5

Service: 5/5

Love, Mansi x


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