Here is a gift from me to you

I’ve been contemplating to really wear something amazing, take equally good pictures; but phew life has been so busy (or well let’s say I was lazy! As usual isn’t it?) I feel a lack of a good camera and camera person definitely acts as a disadvantage, and adding on to that, oodles of weight that I have put on in the recent times is definitely not helping me either. This is thanks to all the restaurant visits for my food reviews. Have you checked the last review of Cafe Terra?

Hence, while scrolling through latest trends on fashion on Pinterest, I discovered the quick fix of knotted tops. Here are a couple of advantages I found about them:

  1. They look extremely stylish, on any body type.
  2. Prints, stripes, checks; they work on all prints.
  3. Can be paired with jeans (the best!) and equally looks good with skirts/shorts.
  4. Readily available in markets around you.
  5. Last but not the least; they hide (so well!) the fat on the abdomen; making it look super stylish

It did work for me; because lately I have been consistently hitting the gym but it takes a lot of patience to reach your dream body.

I find knotted tops extremely versatile; they can be designed in umpteen number of ways; and I styled mine with pants that I picked up from Marie Claire. They are so well-fitted and totally worth the price I paid for them. The top is from a Myntra private brand and I got it for a steal! You can tie the knots close to your stomach or even let it loose; both look extremely classy. My idea was to keep the look very casual-formal fusion and I did not over-do it all. Paired with stud earrings and high heels, my look was complete. Red lipstick is a saviour any day.

Here are a couple of pictures I did at Teal Door Cafe, a gorgeously designed cafe in Indiranagar. The wooden and teal colours compliment the outfit so well in the background; and I was extremely happy with the way these pictures turned out to be.



How would you style this better?

Tell me in your comments below!

Love, M ❤


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