#VogueApproved – For the Love of Oversized Shirts

Vogue India recently did their feature on the top fashion trends of 2K17. Can you guess which fashion trend maintained it’s numero uno position even this year; over-sized monochrome shirts. They are not only approved by me, but also by our favourite fashion magazine, Vogue.

You know that borrowed from my “boyfriend-father-brother” look? Yes, that’s what I am referring to here. This season, unfitting is the new trend killing the fashion charts.

These shirts can be described in three perfect adjectives – chic, comfortable & trendy. How often do you dread taking out your incredibly smashing black dress or your charming pink shirt? Yes, even though we love our stylish women blouses, at times we all need a change from our regular clothing, and even our own personal style. A change that not only looks appealing, but is also “”comfortable”” and fashion approved.

There are umpteen ways to style them, just start borrow (or steal) these shirts/sweaters now, and start experimenting. Let the slim fitting outfits take a back-seat this summer season, and embrace the larger, more mannish silhouette. Here are a couple of styling hacks from me; wear them over straight fitting leggings, a corset or an obi belt so the attention goes on the unflattering sleeves; patterned, embroidered jeans (there are so many options – florals, polka dots, patches?) and lastly, this season’s hottest, a metallic mini skirt. Ever wondered that you would actually be wearing your boyfriend’s white over-sized shirt to a fancy Friday night party? Now it’s definitely possible.

Here are curating some of the best looks of over-sized shirt fashion for you this summer season.


Which one is your favourite? Tell me in your comments below! ❤

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