#MyStory: How I Landed a Job At LinkedIn through an Uber Pool

We are hearing this never-ending debate on the Uber CEO Travis Kalanick exiting the company post all the negative circulations surrounding the company. But there are also some positive thoughts; building a 70 billion dollar company all around the world is something that nobody can do.

Uber definitely changed my life in many ways; but the best that I could say would be getting me a job at my dream company, LinkedIn. Like, I would have never imagined that at the age of 24, my dream company would come so close to me.

I remember it was after a really bad job interview that I took a pool from HSR Bangalore to go to Phoenix Market City around 2 PM in the afternoon; and I ended up taking an Uber pool which I NEVER really do as I have zero amount of patience. We picked up another guy from Marathalli and he when he got in, I saw he was wearing a LinkedIn t-shirt. Now I don’t really ever speak to anybody who is in the pool with me; but what are the chances of someone wearing their company t-shirt! I was so excited because I’m always been a fan of the company, and had tried numerous ways to get in, but failed. So I started the conversation a bit awkwardly, telling him a bit about myself and then asking him about how the company is and what are the chances of getting in. His response was also sweet; without any arrogance and I relaxed. We connected on LinkedIn and kept in touch for about one year.

During this time, I would write to him every time there was an opening so he could refer me. I got rejected in the first round itself; but as they say, the third time is a lucky time, and I applied in the LTS Team, and bagged a job in the highest revenue generating team; LinkedIn Talent Solutions!

I don’t believe much in destiny, but when the smallest conversations and networking impact your life on such a large scale, there is nothing at all to deny!

Thanks to that person, who unknowingly really changed my life!

There is someone watching up on top 😉

Love, M ❤

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