Sleep Calculator: Know “exactly” when to go to bed!

Over the last couple of months, I have been going through an array of sleeping times and schedules. In March I was waking up at almost 5AM, cooking and working out; which relaxed a bit in May and June. I was sleeping till 11AM; my routine was sloppy; I was eating, watching TV, trying to work out – but at the end of each day I was tired, sleep-deprived, cranky and irritated.

Well, I LOVE social media and the good part about this is, I like to read news from all around the world; it’s fascinating the way people are researching and keeping us informed about facts of our own body. I did my Masters in Psychology and have theoretically read so much about sleep patterns, timings and how it varies from person-to-person. Could there actually be a way where we could ‘literally’ figure out sleep patterns?


Luckily, there is a solution. As sleep expert Dr Laura Lefkowitz has researched and explained

 ‘The brain has a pattern of sleep. It’s not like you just fall asleep and hour one is the same as hours two and three and five and nine. It goes through cycles. Within each there is what we call non-REM [Rapid Eye Movement] sleep, and then REM sleep.”

In order to get a happy, relaxed sleep, it’s essential that you DON’t wake up in the middle of such a cycle. If you do, chances are you’ll emerge and wakeup a little groggy and, you know of course, exhausted. Each cycle lasts roughly 90 minutes long and ideally you should aim for sleeping atleast five or six hours a night.

So, how can we make sure that the wretched alarm doesn’t start BRR-BRR-BRR-ING in the middle of a cycle? Use a sleep calculator, of course!

Sleep Calculator is nothing but an online tool that uses the time you need to be up in the morning to work out (through sleep cycles) the best time for you to go to sleep – timing it so that when you arise, you wake up at the end of a cycle and not half-way through.

Like it tells you almost EVERYTHING!

This is the App- Web Blinds – the online retailer of made-to-measure blinds – has recently designed such a calculator and you can try it tonight, by simply clicking here.

I’m definitely giving this a try for a couple of weeks; and so should you!

Reply in the comments after your experiment 😀

Love, M x


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